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Aloe Blacc “Green Lights” (Grand Scheme Remix) | 08.03.11

Back from a small NaoisNow hiatus with some newness from tHEnAOcLOUD.  Check out this Green Lights remix by Aloe Blacc's band, The Grand Scheme.


Track Credits:
A Joel Van Dijk & Grand Scheme Remix Production
Joey G.- Bass
Te’Amir (L.A. Soul)-Drums
Joel Van D.- Guitar, Extra Keys, Programming & Production
Wayne Francis II-extra tenor sax
Ahmad Dayes-Trombone

Dig Your Own Hole - The Chemical Brothers

The Chemical Brothers - Dig Your Own Hole

*CLASSIC* …. and one of my (LG) favorite album covers EVER!!! I agree with drjpresents.  Huge record for starting my love of electronic music…


Dig Your Own Hole - The Chemical Brothers

Another gem from the archives, this one dating back to 1997 and one of the tunes that caused me to fall in love with breakbeats and electronic music in general! One of many tunes on an album which proved that the Chem’s were years ahead of the game when it came to production, arrangement, programming and mixing and it was only their 2nd album(!)

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Nindy Kaur “2 Seater” promo | 07.15.11

Enjoy this promo clip from Nindy Kaur & RDB for her current single “2 Seater”.  The video was directed by our folk Jason Matos out in the T-O.  Definitely top notch with the camera.


The video was shot at Guvernment Night Club in Toronto, directed by Jason Matos, and produced by RDB. 2 Seater will be released to all TV and media on July 14th, 2011 and the song will be available for download on iTunes and RDB’s site on July 21st. Nindy Kaur’s debut album, NINDYPENDENT, and her clothing line are both set to release this summer. For the video, Shirley Wu & Maggie Wu of Beauty Concepts provided Nindy Kaur’s impeccable style and wardrobe.

Nao’s Chris Craft on The Sit And Talk Podcast | 07.14.2011

Listen to Nao Media & Consulting’s Chris Craft as a guest on the Sit And Talk Podcast.  Chris & show host Lucas Shaffer (of Stand And Stretch) discuss everything from Google+ to the new music industry to sports talk radio host Bomani Jones.

The Sit And Talk Podcast is a podcast dedicated to creating media literacy for small businesses and organizations looking to learn more about the potential for using Social Media.

The Sit And Talk Podcast is sponsored by Stand And Stretch


awesomely awesomeness

(via mistakenfor-strangers)

Edited by Paula Perry ….Off the Ncredible show ……Studio Video Feat:::: Vinny Idol YueHef ,Dollarmentary ,Whiteboy Chris

Like the clouds, you’ll see that the NaoisNow crew has a wide range of looks when it comes to the range of art that we dig.  This joint is jammin from our boy Dollarmentary (Space Cadetz).


cool@looc | “Congo” by Sêma Lao | 06.22.2011

Incredible piece by up & coming talent Sêma Lao from France.

==:>CLICK HERE TO VIEW MORE<:== “Tuesday Tunes” | Alison Carney AlisonWonderland | 06.21.2011

FREEload!!! Back at it again.  Today we bring you an “extended” version of Tuesday Tunes in celebration of the release of our folk Alison Carney’s brand new project, AlisonWonderland. All you have to do to enter the rabbit hole is click the project’s cover up there ↑↑.


AlisonWonderland TrackListing:
1. intro-down the rabbit hole 02:31
2. crazy 03:44
3. he luvs me 03:00
4. stellar 04:15
5. japanese candy 04:48
6. lifetime’s the right time feat awthentik
7. off with her head 02:53
8. hey there 03:32
9. i wanna rock feat kokayi 02:49
10. flow 02:02
11. in high places 02:40
12. wonderland outro

Alison Carney “Stellar” | AlisonWonderland | 06.17.2011

When you name a track “Stellar”, you’re kinda setting the bar pretty high.  Luck for us, Ms. Carney doesn’t disappoint on this jammy taken from her upcoming release AlisonWonderland (title is so!). With this song, Alison takes elements of her roots (soul and r&b) and throws us into the electronically delightful world of alisonWonderland.  In addition to this, we’ve heard the full project (which drops on Tuesday) & trust us; it’s actually quite …. stellar.




&1x@ BandCamp | Te’Amir “Sunshine” | 06.14.2011

Today, we bring you a perfect jam for a summer day like today.  Check out Te’Amir’s “Sunshine” which comes from his new project L.A. Soul.  Those who may not be familiar with Te’Amir’s music should know that he is the drummer in Aloe Blacc’s band The Grand Scheme.  With that info, you KNOW dude has got soul & 1 listen to this track will surely brighten your day.



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